Wacky Wedding Trivia

by Avid Thinker April 25, 2014

In the weird and wonderful world of weddings there is always someone who has done it bigger, longer or more often.

It's not just weddings where people go wild - it often begins before that, with the engagement. Some people wonder if the big day is ever going to come around, what with all the arrangements to make and the reluctance of their partner to make even the most tentative step towards the altar.

But what you might view as a lengthy engagement is a mere drop in the ocean compared with Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez. This odd couple finally took the plunge after being engaged for 67 years!

Both Octavia and Adriana were aged 82 when they finally got round to getting married. But if you think that's a little on the mature side for wedded bliss, remember - it's never too late.

The oldest recorded bride was Minnie Munro, who got hitched at a sprightly 102 years of age. Minnie, from Australia, wed a toy boy of 82.

Britain's oldest recorded bride was just one day off her 100th birthday when she took her vows with a man nearly 20 years her junior. Apparently the age gap was not thought to be a problem for them.

For those who are getting married just a little bit younger, the future should be full of happy wedding anniversaries. Of course, you would have to go some to match the longest marriage on record.

Sir Temulji Nariman and his wife Lady Nariman were hitched for a grand total of 86 years, although they did have a distinct advantage over most people. Both were aged just five when they got married.

The longest marriage in Britain was 82 years, between James Burgess and his wife Sarah Ann, who were married in 1883 and stayed together until Sarah Ann's unfortunate death in 1965.

As for the wedding day itself, every one is a unique and special occasion. In fact, some weddings are such good fun that the couple are tempted to repeat the experience again. And again, and again, and again...

Indeed Richard and Carole Roble, a pair of New Yorkers, enjoy marrying each other so much they have taken their vows an incredible 55 times. To add a little variety into proceedings they have carried out each ceremony in different locations, including all the states in America.

Most weddings are the bride and groom's big day, when they become the centre of everyone's attention.

So many couples would have felt a bit swamped if they had attended an event that took place in Seoul in 1992.

It was the largest mass wedding in history, when nearly 21,000 couples from the Moonie cult all got married on the same day. The event was also 'attended' by another 9,800 couples who took their vows via a satellite link.

With all those people getting married you could be forgiven for thinking it was also the most expensive wedding event. Not so.

The bill for the reception to beat all receptions came in at £22 million pounds. The event was held in a purpose-built stadium in Dubai and lasted seven days. It was held to celebrate the wedding of a sheik's son.

But the 20,000 who attended that bash were a full 10,000 short of the biggest attendance, which took place at a Jewish wedding in Jerusalem in 1993. And you thought your wedding list was too long.

Wedding dresses can make a major dent in your budget, but however much you spend it will be nothing compared to the outfit created by French designer Helene Gainville.

Estimated to be worth a cool £3.5 million, the dress is embroidered with diamonds mounted on platinum. Not the sort of thing you would want to put in the attic after the wedding day.

If expense is not your thing then size might be. But you would have to go a long way to beat the longest wedding dress train, which steamed in at a massive 157m (515ft) in Germany. Britain's longest wedding train is a modest 29.8m. Just imagine trying to get that in the car after the wedding.

Of course, it's a sad fact that not all marriages last. But some people really do seem to make a habit of getting divorced.

The person who is credited with being married the most times is former Baptist minister Glynn Scotty Wolfe, who has taken on 28 brides - and divorced 27 of them.

Back in Blighty the record for legal marriages is a modest eight, held by Olive Wilson.

Reference: http://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-planning/entertainment/wacky-wedding-trivia_76.htm


Avid Thinker
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