Ditch the White Wedding Dress

by Jenny Evangelista June 09, 2015

The wedding day will always be one of the most significant moments of your life; so you want to look dazzling as you can be on that special day. The majority of the brides will choose a white wedding dress because it's the tradition. However in these modern times, more brides are going for the non-traditional wedding dress. An increasing number of brides are choosing printed and coloured dresses for their weddings. They are more expressive and would want to be differently unique among other brides. 


Choosing a coloured wedding dress, however is much more difficult than the white one. Besides the silhouette, price, and the over-all-look of the dress, you also now need to put colour and the print into consideration. 

If you wish to get a coloured wedding dress but prefers it to be simple and classy, we advise to go for one solid colour. Avoid monochromatic or gradient effect. Keep your embellishments to small but noticeable like rhinestones and diamantes.

If you wish to have the traditional white, you can add accents of your favourite colour to your white dress. You can add a big coloured bow at the back. Or have your chapel train coloured to your favourite hue. Or simply adding colourful embellishments and beading all over your dress.

No matter what colour you choose, remember to always go for something you feel beautiful and comfortable. This is your wedding day after all.



Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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