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by Regina Evangelista November 18, 2014

The little black dress is the ultimate cocktail dress and appropriate for most special occasions. No wonder LBD remains a fashion nowadays! It is so classical that flatters almost everybody. It gives an instant lift when someone is feeling down.

That is why Elliot Claire includes these in its collection because every woman should have this special LBD that she could wear for whatever occasion she may go. With the stunning designs, elegant detailing and great fabrics, she can have a red carpet moment in these amazing range of cocktail dresses. 


Here are some reasons why the LBD remains a fashion.

  1. Black is a neutral. A woman can wear it with any other colour;
  2. Black provides a high-contrast background for both fine and costume jewellery;
  3. Black recedes, so it slims and makes women who wear it looks taller.
  4. Finally, a little black dress is versatile. She can wear it in the evening with sparkly jewellery.


Take a look at these classical yet affordable LBD from Elliot Claire London.

(Click the photo to see more information about each dress)






Regina Evangelista
Regina Evangelista


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