Underwater Wedding: Exchanging “I Do’s” Down There!

by Regina Evangelista December 09, 2014

These extra-ordinary wedding photos capture couples exchanging “I do’s” – underwater!

On November 22, 2014, just only a week after the Knowles-Ferguson Wedding in UK, a couple who were just married last month decided to renew their wedding vows deep inside a dive training tank of The Underwater Centre in Fort William. They were Dorota Bankowska and James Abbott. Their first official exchange of vows took place in Poland. They thought of this unique way to get married again for some of their friends in Scotland who were not able to attend the ceremony.

In this picture, the priest stood at an altar made ​​of pearls to welcome the couple - Nicolas and Alexandra - from Madrid, Spain on October 25, 2014 in French Polynesia. The couple decided to seal their union four meters under water in the stunning turquoise waters of Bora Bora.

Similarly in April 2014, a British couple, Kate Watkinson and Andy had a second ceremony on their honeymoon in The Maldives, after getting married in the UK first, to make their marriage legal. The aisle was marked out by dolphin statues blowing bubbles and they exchanged their vows in front of a table shaped like a manta ray. They had a lot of unorthodox requests, including two pairs of fins, for their underwater wedding.

For more than 10 million couples tying the knot every year, there is still plenty of opportunity to those who can adapt this concept of underwater wedding. Definitely, you can exchange “I do’s” down there! Here at Elliot Claire London, we offer these stunning gowns and dresses inspired with mermaid designs for reasonable prices. Check these out and get ready to take the plunge!





Regina Evangelista
Regina Evangelista


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