Pretty in Pink : Season's Favourite Bridesmaid Dress Colour

by Jenny Evangelista June 04, 2015

If you ask any woman what her favorite colour is, the answer is usually pink. This is because the colour pink is associated to being feminine, soft, and really, just anything pretty. Exactly the reason why it's popular in weddings, proms, or debutantes.

There are a number of pink shades to choose from: Fuchsia, hot pink or dark pink for darker shades; pastel pink or baby pink for lighter shades, magenta, rose pink, salmon pink. Our favorite is the carnation pink as it works well in vintage wedding style dresses like what we have below:

Already great in design, this sexy sleeveless cut-out ruched dress goes way over the top in its Carnation pink colour.


Hot pink is a strong shade of pink that makes anyone bloom. Its pop of colour provides that vibrant and playful look that you're looking for if you're going out to evening parties, cocktail events, and the likes. This belted, strapless classic dress in hot pink colour flatters any shape and size. 


For more exquisite pink bridesmaid or prom dresses, visit Elliot Claire London for a wide array of collections to choose from.






Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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