The Little White Dress : A Staple For Every Girl’s Closet

by Jenny Evangelista June 03, 2015

Every fashion stylist highly advises every girl to have at least one classic little white dress or LWD. It has, in fact, become one of our favourites this season. If your usual LBD is almost worn out for using it so much, it’s time to experiment and go beyond your comfort zone. It's fashion counterpart, the LWD offers a wide variety of looks as well. You don’t have to be a bride to wear a white dress, you know.

And here are the number of reasons why you should wear your LWD more often:

Basics.  The Little White Dress is as basic as you can get. However with the different option you have to wear it down or dress it up, it has become the most versatile pieces that a girl should at least have. Is the LWD that new black?

Versatile. For summer season, you can definitely rock your LWD by wearing a denim jacket over it. For winter, you can layer colourful tones of scarves and coats to spicen up your look. And what’s even best is that you can wear your LWD as is. No layering. No add-on. Simple plain LWD. It looks good no matter what occasion you choose it for.

Classy. White, unlike other colours looks good with anything. Pair with classic accessories and you’ll be Audrey Hepburn in no time.

A Blank Canvass. The Little White Dress allows you to play with your taste. You can go monochromatic or go full on rainbow! It gives you more choices when it comes to accessories, shoes, hats to pair it with.

Affordable. Most importantly, the LWD is affordable. You can go to your favourite local boutique today and you can find one that suits your budget. Are you looking for your LWD outfit ideas? You can subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest lookbook and little white dress deals!

Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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