Civil Weddings, Church Weddings? Which is the Best?

by Jenny Evangelista June 25, 2015

 This is for the couple who wants their wedding to be simple and fewer expenses or because they do not want to get married in a traditional church wedding or whatever their reasons. Of course, many couples out there who wants their ceremony to be held in church, especially brides who dreamed of it since she was a child. Civil weddings isn't bad after all because it will not cost you so much and much easier to plan. Furthermore, modern civil wedding ceremonies are now allowed to make your own vows or some matrimonial themes which is some are religious and some are not. They're usually held in mayor's office, judge's chamber or lawyer's office. We have to remember that each country or jurisdiction have their own rules and regulations. So, it's cool if we'll study beforehand from the local courts. A few guests can be allowed and they should be in the venue before an hour before the marriage begin.   

The good thing about civil weddings is it can be flexible. It means that you can choose any venue as long as the official is open to your input. So, if you're planning on getting married, plan it carefully and ask opinions from others. Besides, the important is you love each other and married in a legal way.



Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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