Megan and Iona's unforgettable prom night

by Sara Di Gaetano September 01, 2014

"Thank you so much, they both looked lovely and had a wonderful evening"

 Elliot Claire Ivory Chiffon Prom Dress

Elliot Claire Blue Prom Dress

 Elliot Claire Prom Dress


Megan and Iona were looking for an evening dress to attend the prom party and to spend a wonderful night.

Megan came to our showroom and, after have tried some dresses, she has decided which one suited perfect to her.

She opted for a very elegant evening dress with chiffon skirt and lace top with shoulder strap. After have chosen the dress she had to decide in which color she would like to have it. She was really unsure about the color to go for so that we have helped her given her different colors and fabrics to choose.

At the end the choose was for a light blue which suited very well with her skin and her hair color!

Iona came to our showroom too but she loved a pink dress that she had previous seen in Elliot Claire website.

She really loved that dress but she was a little bit unsure with the pink color, so that she has decided to change it.

We have helped her choosing an ivory color for her beautiful strapless chiffon dress changing also the color of the beading of the top to match the color of the dress.

As a result she looked really elegant and the dress suited very well on her.

Megan and Iona were both really happy with their dresses and they have spent a wonderful night!



Sara Di Gaetano
Sara Di Gaetano


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