Business Casual Dressing Tips for Winter

by Avid Thinker November 29, 2012

Dressing business casual under favourable weather conditions is already hard as it is so how much more for winter? To get you through the cold, you need layers that can be conveniently adjusted to lessen discomfort from the weather while out on the streets and be able to adapt in oven-like offices at the same time. Rich, dark colours that are simply designed to keep your outfit appropriate yet relaxed is more ideal. Planning ahead to master the art of layering for stormy weather can lead you to fascinating business casual attire while staying warm during this cold season.

Opt for muted shades that are both seasonal and appropriate for business. Navy, plum, dark green, dark grey and burgundy are ideal options with a crisp white shirt underneath. Even if business casual attire is expected to be more relaxed than those formal ones, the choice of clothing should still be tasteful and not loud.

Pick a warm, attractive coat that will last long through many other winter seasons. Ditch inappropriate ski jackets and go for double-breasted wool pea coat or a cashmere walking coat to keep you warm under those casual dresses in your wardrobe. These coats are timeless and can easily translate from the office to attending business meetings outside.To create a warm outfit with a streamlined silhouette, layer your clothing with v-neck, wool or cashmere sweaters over collared shirts. When wearing calf length skirts, be sure to put it over stockings otherwise, go for wool slacks in muted tones.

How about you? What are your favourite business casual outfits? We would love to know your insights so please share them below.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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