Fun and Glamour in London Fashion Exhibitions

by Avid Thinker November 29, 2012

Glamorous fashion for Londoners is not just about the London Fashion week, but there are actually plenty of fashion exhibitions around the city happening in between the glitz of mesmerising catwalk shows and designer events. If fashion is your thing, here are two of the most exciting exhibitions to experience.

The Hollywood Costume Exhibition London

Taking place next week at the V&A Museum, mark your calendars as it starts on Saturday, the 20th of October 2012 and ends on the 27th of January 2013. What exactly is it about?

Being renowned for its comprehensive collection of historic costumes from the cinema, the V&A Museum is set to host a wide array of outfits with a timeline that spans from the days of black and white to the latest in CGI and motion technology. It will be a rare opportunity to check out these fantastic designs up close.

For over the last two years or so, London fashion goers had a share of exhibitions related to fashion already with Hermes showcasing its leather making magic over at the Burlington Gardens, and Christian Louboutin parading a wonderful collection at the Design Museum. Next week comes another memorable experience in enjoying style and trends in a whole new level as the Hollywood Costume exhibition turn the spotlights on the different ways that a character can be formed through their clothes and how challenging the creating process is just to give life to the most basic of outfits.

The Ballgowns Exhibition at V&A

Another marvellous exhibition to witness is already on-going – it started last May 19th and will be ending on the 16th of January 2013. It brings back the glamour of British ball gowns from as far back as the 1950s and continues to the present day outfits, which is taking place at the Fashion Galleries that happens to be newly restored. So now is the best time to see the place again along with the revelry of old school style from traditional and contemporary ball gowns by getting tickets costing £10.00.

Whether you favour such attires or still contemplating of owning one, there are many stunning designs that your eyes can feast on. Alexander McQueen, Victor Stiebel and Catherine Walker are just some of the big names on show at the V&A. Celebrities who want nothing but perfection during balls or galas in London means that designers had collaborations with them to ensure that their creations will be put on media spotlight. So dresses that have been modelled by the likes of Elizabeth Hurley, Daphne Guinness and many others are on display at the Ball Gowns exhibition of V&A.

Finally, you can check around our own collection of gorgeous evening and prom dresses that you can order right away. In fact, you might as well wear something from Elliot Claire when you attend the exhibitions above. Don’t be surprised if onlookers may think that your dress is from the displayed gowns, too.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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