What Dress to Wear to a Wedding Ceremony?

by Avid Thinker November 27, 2012

When invited to a wedding, this is always the question a guest ponders on. Whether you are the mother of the bride, the best friend or simply an acquaintance, you have to wear the right outfit for your friend’s special occasion.

Tell you, it’s not hard to find an inspiration for your attire. In fact, you can get all the clues from the invitation alone. Traditional wedding invitations should at least point out two important things: instructions or directions to the wedding venue as well as the required guest attire. Know and familiarize the wedding venue, is it at the beach, church, or garden? From there, you surely know what and what not to wear to your friend’s wedding. On the other hand if it doesn’t say, you can always read between the lines and think outside the box. If the invitation looks formal from its font and color combinations, the bride and groom definitely want you to dress formal.

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Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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