Wearing the Right Evening Dresses Ideal For Your Body Type

by Avid Thinker November 30, 2012

Finding the right evening dress can be a challenge, although there are some women who find more pleasure and less pain in choosing the right one. The challenge starts when a woman starts to identify what body type she has. Then she asks what type of dresses that will most flatter her body. If you are one of them, here are some helpful tips that might come in handy whenever shopping for a new dress.

When you have a bottom heavy body shape, your goal is to bring emphasis to the top half of the body, and away from the problem areas. So you need evening dresses such as those typical little black dresses that skim over the lower half of the body.

As for a pear shape body type, we recommend a fitted top and full or a-line skirt like Elliot Claire’s green a Line v Neck floor length evening dress. Slender types however have a slim figure and need evening dresses that have illusions of curves by drawing attention your bust line.

So how to wear Eliot Claire’s Asymmetrical Two Tone Pleated Evening Dress?

Elliot Claire is among the few fashionable dress shops available online, providing you an array of beautiful exclusive designer gown styles you don’t regularly see. From time to time, we will be featuring a carefully selected Elliot Claire Dress to blog about to help our customers engage with our dresses.

Today we will introduce you to our special strapless floor length evening dress that we have sold to existing clients with sophisticated taste. Two of the most evident distinctive features of this dress are its pleated details to the bodice and back and its two asymmetrical tones. Both have given the traditional long black dress the right amount drama and action; not too empowering limiting you with other accessories.

We highly recommend women with slender body types to wear this dress or have a dress with similar cut. The A-line cut and the creative bodice design create those needed curves. Also if you have neck breaking collar bones and shoulders, you might want to flaunt them once in a while especially in this strapless evening dress. Be sexy!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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