Success in Winter Wedding Planning

by Avid Thinker December 03, 2012

With glistening snow and sparkling ice as the backdrop on your special day, winter weddings can be extra glamorous, romantic and dramatic. Since the weather becomes a large issue, planning a winter wedding takes patience and creativity. But when your mind is set, you only need to make the essential preparations at the proper time and everything should proceed smoothly.

Winter Wedding Jewellery

You may opt for ice tones such as ice blue, sapphire blue, silver, purple and white for your wedding jewellery. Or if you prefer deep hues, go for the traditional navy, green or red. If you can afford it, wear pearl or diamond jewellery to complement the winter theme.

Be Comfortable with Wraps

Get an elegant wrap or shawl with a unique design not only to keep you warm but to get fun outdoor photos as well. Make your bridesmaids comfortable too, by giving them shawls with a more subdued colour as yours. You may also add white fur accents so that dresses will have that cool winter touch.

Seasonal Flowers for Winter Weddings

Although you had always planned on a particular type of flower for your wedding day, it is more practical to choose flowers that are in season. You wouldn’t want your florist to run out of flowers and end up using other types as substitutes, don’t you? Winter season flowers include holly branches, lilies, and roses. If you really want a certain type to be incorporated in your flower arrangements, then prepare to pay extra for the shipping. Silver accents and ornamental berries will also enhance your bouquet.

In addition, consider how to incorporate the winter theme into your accessories,dresses, decorations, flowers and other necessities. To succeed in planning for the most special winter wedding, you have to come up with the appropriate budget that will allow you to use the best decorations and choose a location that fits in with your theme.


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