Las Vegas Inspired Wedding Theme

by Avid Thinker December 03, 2012

Those of you who have a knack for fun in games and casinos may be toying with the idea of having a Las Vegas theme. There are simply astounding options with the possibilities of a wedding theme inspired by the entertaining world of Las Vegas. Below are some ideas in how to bring Las Vegas to your UK wedding.

A customised deck of cards for the invitations with the reception and ceremony details written in gold is ideal. Ensure that everything, from the ceremony to the party venue is elegant and classy. Think of your guests as VIPs who should be given impeccable treatment when they arrive at a casino.

If it suits your taste, have your ceremony in a wedding chapel similar to those found in Las Vegas and let the DJ play music from artists who had big concerts in Vegas like Celine Dion, during your wedding reception.

Food served should be the same with the cuisine in high-end Las Vegas dining establishments. Go for a wedding cake that is designed with your favourite Vegas building or attraction in mind. A deck of cards or dice can serve as wedding favours, with the new couple’s name imprinted on them.

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Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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