Country-Inspired Theme for a 2013 Wedding

by Avid Thinker December 19, 2012

Are you on the process of planning your wedding for next year? If so, why not go for a country-inspired wedding theme? Bring in a nature-inspired, homey feel and laid back atmosphere by opting for this exciting wedding theme of all time. Instead of elaborate ballrooms and white linens, you can make your wedding celebration more unique by going for tents, summer-coloured bouquets and rustic cottages. To make every bit of your special day have that country touch, incorporate the theme well by coordinating favours, design of printed essentials, dresses of the entourage and the photographer’s shoots.

Transform a regular field with a big white tent to serve as cover for the grassy area. Put in several log benches for the guests and decorate with flowers to make it a unique country party area. Allocate a certain space for the dance floor and the band that is good with country dance music to keep the guests hitting the dance floor after eating. For a whimsical look, string a series of light bulbs and hang them around the reception area. The cake should have a fruity theme and complemented with grapes, apples or strawberries.

Since invitations are the first wedding element that sets the theme, be sure that the design points toward a countryside touch. Establish a rustic look by using wildflowers prints done in yellow and green. Make it a reminder of summer harvests by using warm, romantic colours. These can be in the form of apple green, cinnamon, cherry red and others.

Naturally, how can a country-inspired wedding be complete with those gorgeous dresses? Use printed fabrics for your bridal entourage and let them carry wild blooms. You can choose from a variety of wonderful dresses from our very own collection. Check them out here!

Now that your country wedding theme is planned out, it is time to start dress shopping!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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