Having Wedding Memories that Lasts

by Avid Thinker January 09, 2013

Compared to the many pre-wedding preparations you have to undertake, the task of preserving your most important moments during that day will just be a handful. One of the most precious memento is the proper preservation of your wedding bands. But how do you ensure that it will last through time considering that you are going to be wearing it every day of your life? The key is in choosing well in the first place. Consider these important pointers:

  • Choose a heavier ring for added durability especially if you or your spouse does regular manual work.
  • Make sure that it fits with the engagement ring.
  • A wider band should be preferred if your ring will be engraved.

Another way that you can preserve the beauty of your most special day is through gifts that are well thought-out. They represent the best keepsakes to remind you of your wedding ceremony, reception and after-party. They will let you remember the special part they’ve played in your fantastic event. You can give your entourage personalised bangles or bracelets and any kind of accessory that would represent the part they played on your wedding. There are also a lot of customised thank you gifts that will let you imprint your own unique personality and will definitely keep the memories last a lifetime.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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