Winterproof Your Mother-of-the-Bride Wedding Outfit

by Avid Thinker October 18, 2013

Even if the sun's shining, it doesn't mean the temperatures are mum-friendly - here's some tips to ensure the MOTB doesn't have to stick her summer outfit back in the wardrobe.

Swift tailoring

With the weather still looking both cold and wet there might be a temptation to wear a winter coat to a wedding – but that means your beautiful outfit will be covered up for a large part of the day. Wearing a tailored jacket not only allows you to still show off that killer mother-of-the-bride outfit, it’s also formal enough to wear throughout the day. A tailored cut will show off your body lines; and, best of all, you can team the jacket with lots of other outfits long after the big day – meaning better value for money.

Shine even if the sun doesn't

Cardigans aren't just about curling up on the sofa in a chunky knit. The right type of cardigan is the perfect way to keep the chill off, ensuring you’re not showing too much arm or shoulder in photographs, as well as being a stylish, practical addition that will complement, rather than cast a shadow over your outfit. Just because your outfit has a bit of sparkle, doesn’t mean you’ll outshine the bride!

mother of the bride winter outfits

Don't get stuck in the mud

Although an outside wedding is idyllic, the British weather means you might need to be prepared for shaky ground. Rain-logged grass or puddles aren't ideal for either heeled or flat shoes, as you'll either sink in the mud or get wet feet. The most reliable option is a platform wedge heel which provides that much needed elevation and elegance without your heel sticking deep into the ground.

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