How to Choose the Wedding Dress Perfectly (Part 1)

by Avid Thinker February 07, 2013

The task of finding your perfect dress for that wonderful day is definitely not easy. You can easily select the ONE on a magazine spread or on a wedding website, but would it fit you properly? Will it suit your body and skin type? And is the dress appropriate for your wedding theme, budget and venue? Will you be able to wear it comfortably throughout the planned activities of your wedding day? Below are several suggestions that will hopefully ease the burden of finding the right wedding dress that will fit your needs perfectly.

Get advice from someone impartial

Although your mother and maid-of-honour may be the most go-to people to approach to help you on the choice, they may not be the most ideal. Your mother for instance would typically have a traditional or strong opinion and your bridesmaid will be more likely thinking about how she would look after you.

Thus, it is better to the advice of someone who has no part in the wedding entourage at all, someone who is impartial to the occasion but knows his/her way around fashion to provide you with the best advice. If you trust yourself though, then go shopping for a bridal gown alone, and once you find something worth considering, get a friend to take a look at it too.

Don’t involve the family as much as possible

Regardless of how skilled a family member is at dressmaking or at spotting great designs, you should go against the temptation to ask them to make your wedding dress. This is because you will never be able to get the exact dress that you want. But if a service provider did not do it right, you can demand to make changes without being awkward or worse, having arguments. It is very hard to make a lot of requests with a family member so having a professional make your dresswould let you have every little detail that you like.

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Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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