Marquee Decorating Tips to Complement Your Wedding Theme

by Avid Thinker February 15, 2013

Although a marquee is merely a tent for many, its simplicity makes it a perfect medium to send the right message during a wedding. It is usually a plain, white canvas that can be transformed to suit any wedding theme with ease. In fact, with a marquee at a wedding, you have all the freedom to exercise your creativity and go all the way to make the wedding reception extra special. And if you need great ideas for a fantastic decoration, you can check out the following suggestions.

Drape Your Wedding Marquee with Fabrics

When lining is not an option with your marquee, you can still achieve amazing results by twisting certain fabrics around the poles. Let them hang alongside the topmost part of the tent. You can also hang unique decors depending on your preference. If you like plants, then you can put hanging plants on the ceiling or use more fabric at the top hanged down in short garlands.

Light Everything Up

Lanterns and fairy lights have this wonderful effect in creating the right look. Use contrasts well so if you want dark furniture in place, pair it with pastel fairy lanterns and lights. Vibrant, warm colours will also result to a well-balanced look. If your reception has a solid colour theme, opt for lights that have lesser colours such as soft, white lights and other weak coloured-lights.

There are many marquee lighting options available out there but whatever you choose, just make sure to talk to your supplier first before booking a wedding marquee to get plenty of inspirations and ideas.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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