Three Questions about Engagement Etiquette Answered

by Avid Thinker February 19, 2013

There are many beliefs, traditions and misconceptions on how to go about proposing to your beloved so in the hope of clearing your mind, we feature three questions with answers and insights below.

Is wearing an engagement ring a no-no for guys?

When going back to tradition, a signet ring was usually given to the husband-to-be as a sign that an engagement has taken place. If you want to be original and want to mark the special occasion by wearing a ring, then by all means don’t hold back. Nobody is going to stop you and your fiancée will certainly delight in the fact that you want the world to know that you are going to be married soon.

Should proposals only be done by men and never by women?

If you think that you are both ready to tie the knot, then what’s stopping you from popping the question to your man? These days, women are not waiting for the next Leap Year as they know how to get what they want. So if you want your man forever, get him to say yes right away!

Hate the engagement ring? What should you do so as not to hurt his feelings?

A family heirloom, although very touching can be a bit off for your taste so in order to keep a balance between the sentimental value of his grandmother’s ring, you can slowly broach the subject of re-setting the stones. What’s more convenient is when he’s just purchased the ring recently because it will be easier to swap for a design that you like better. However, be sensitive about the subject and tread on gently…

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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