Hen Do Party Theme Ideas

by Avid Thinker February 21, 2013

Hen dos used to be so straightforward and simple that getting together and chatting it up used to be the norm. But these days, various ideas from the typical to the wildest can be adapted to celebrate your last days of being single. To help you decide, here are some suggestions.

Drag Dressing

A night away from the feminine touches of planning a wedding is certainly a welcome respite for the bride-to-be. Guests attending should come in drag such as men’s dress slacks, ties, shirts, gym clothes and other accessories for men. To put more adventure, they can also don a mustache or slick their hair into a ponytail. The day should be organized with masculine games and activities. A round of golf can be chosen or you can all hit a cigar shop. A round of brandy and other wines can be in order for the night instead of fruity cocktails.

Going Back to Childhood Fun

The joys of being a kid are certainly something that we all want to look back to. So how about if you reminisce those by organizing your hen do as a children’s party? One piece jumpers, shirts with classic logos, overalls and other clothing that can will let each of your guests remember the time of their childhood can be worn during the party. The bride-to-be should be adorned by her favourite princess outfit with plastic crown, glitter gloss and classic play lipstick. A steady supply of lollipops and bubble gum should also be in store.

With these wonderful hen do theme ideas, you are certainly going to have awesome fun! Enjoy!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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