Creative Wedding Favours that Save You Money

by Avid Thinker February 25, 2013

The objective to make wedding favours as attractive and inspiring as possible is of course inherent for couples who are going to tie the knot. However, the main drawback is that favours cost money and of course, you would most probably want to save as much as you can on the wedding budget. The DIY route can be an ideal way but do you have ample time for it? To help you with this wedding essential, we have compiled some suggestions that can make your wedding favours have a personal touch conveniently, easily, and neatly at an affordable cost! Below are some wedding favour ideas which give that personalise touch at a minimal budget.

Go creative with ribbons

Rainbow colours can definitely add that party feeling to your celebration and making it personalised do not have to be time-consuming. It can be made to complement anything such as centrepieces, chairs, favour boxes, place cards, on the wishing tree and so many other decorations. You can mix and match different colours that will add appeal to your motif and add your wedding date, names and a romantic quote.

Candy buffet fun

A big attraction at weddings is a candy buffet kit. A lot of brides prefer to have them in exchange for favours. In order to be able to properly dress up your candy bar, you need several candy scoops, signs, candy bags, tags and any other trinket that you like. By having this sweet candy buffet kit at the ready, you are sure to set up delight with all guests. Have fun!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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