Questions You Should Ask Your Hair and Make-up Stylist

by Avid Thinker February 25, 2013

As an upcoming bride, you already know that you have to look your best during that very special day. You may have adapted beauty regimens as early as two or three months from the wedding date and your crowning glory may be receiving a lot of pampering already. But what brings all these beauty elements together is the quality of service that your hairstylist and make-up artist provides.

We therefore feature the necessary questions you have to inquire before hiring one:

1. When checking their online portfolio, ask yourself how much you really like their work. Do the photos of past clients reflect a variety of styles?

2. Will they accommodate a change of look and style if you don’t like what you see during the trial?

3. Before paying the deposit, are they willing to do a trial run with you first?

4. Will they come to you on the wedding day or do you have to go to their place? Consider these factors so that you will minimize hassle on your part.

5. Are they able to pick the right lipstick, foundation, powder etc. that you think is ideal for your skin tone and face?

There are still a lot of other relevant questions you should ask, so just fire them away as wedding service providers such as a make-up and hair stylist will understand where you are coming from.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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