Creating a Wonderful and Useful Gift List

by Avid Thinker February 26, 2013

One of the most exciting parts of tying the knot is preparing the gift list. Although it seems a bit daunting, but when you plan the list in advance and do your research thoroughly, you will find that it is a very practical part of a wedding. Here at Elliot Claire Fashion blog, we don’t just talk about bridal gowns we also want to help you out during the crucial aspects of preparing for a wedding. Below are some pointers that may aid you in making the task of compiling a gift list a breeze.

Don’t overdo it. Getting carried away can easily get in the way of having what you really want. Instead of dreaming of fancy stuff, think of the simple, important things that you will be able to use on a regular basis. Also keep in mind that guests have different sets of budget so choose plenty of options, those that range from £15 to £100.

No need to feel embarrassed. Guests prefer to buy gifts that you really need rather than giving something you will end up not using. Keep in mind that if you are vague about your presents, you may receive a lot of duplicates such as vases, towels and things you don’t really like.

Get to have fun. There are guests who may like to give you something unique so as to let their gift stand up from the list. Thus, do not limit your list to the usual – also include some gadgets or rare decorations for the home and any other trinket that you dreamed of having. Now go on, make that list and remember to have fun!

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Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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