Is Your Best Friend the Perfect Choice as your Bridesmaid?

by Avid Thinker March 04, 2013

Girls have all kinds of best friends. We have best friends that we confide in, those that we party with and there are also sets of best friends that we shop with. But lucky for those who can have all those experiences with just one person, right?

So in the wonderful time after the engagement, you would most probably think that your best friend is the perfect choice as your bridesmaid. And in most cases, she is definitely the one! However, you also have to weigh in whether the qualities and responsibilities that falls for a bridesmaid will be properly managed by your best friend. According to, the following insights will help guide you if your best friend is the perfect fit as your bridesmaid. She should be:

dependable and reliable – you probably know her very well, so is she? Has she ever disappointed you in the past on something major?

not jealous – if she’s unmarried herself, there is a chance she may feel some resentment. Has she ever been jealous of any other aspects of your life before – wardrobe, car, job, relationship?

available to help with shopping/bridal magazine browsing/wedding fair visiting/etc – if she has a super busy social calendar, works very long hours, or has 2 small children, chances are she has very little spare time to plan a wedding in addition to all her obligations. But it depends on a person really – some people are so busy they hardly have time to sleep, and yet they will be delighted to readily offer their time to help you out, in the name of friendship, and will do a stellar job too!

not related to an ex-boyfriend – this may not be a problem for some… but for some it will be.

calm and organised – she’s meant to be looking after the bride, not vice-versa.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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