Wearing a Backless Black Gown: Should You?

by Avid Thinker March 19, 2013

It is easy to understand why most women in almost all parts of the globe prefer to wear a black, backless dress. Well, this type of dress maximises the beauty of a woman’s curves and enhances your sex appeal better compared to other types of dress. At the same time, a backless gown leaves enough mystery to keep things exciting for the onlookers. It is indeed an interesting piece on its own and how much more when you don it with the appropriate curves? But to make the most out of impressing your audience, you need to remember essential factors.

Of course, you have to possess the right confidence and the positive aura before anything else. Thus, you have to give yourself an honest evaluation before deciding to wear a backless dress. Your entire body should be well toned and proportionate in order to look good in a backless gown.


Since the skin will be totally exposed especially on the back part, you have to ensure that there is no imperfection there that can ruin your look. Pimples, blemishes, freckles and other skin problems should be banished before you don that dress so that you will look your best. Consider using an anti acne cream if you have issues with it and start applying it some 2-3 weeks prior to the event that you will be attending.

Inner garments

A crucial element in your dress is the bra as it can improve the way the dress looks on your body. Not wearing any undergarment is also an option for this dress though especially as it is black but your cleavage will not be well presented if you opt for this alternative. It is therefore important to pick the type of bra that is comfortable on you while accentuating your bust further.


The accessories need to be discreet when paired with a backless gown so that the dress will remain the focus of attention rather than competing with the accessories. Avoid wearing dramatic pieces as this can result to overkill. A clutch bag and a simple design of earrings will do. Remember when simplicity is well carried out, you will end up having more elegance than others despite their sparkling diamonds.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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