Looking for Different Wedding Ideas (Part 1)

by Avid Thinker March 28, 2013

Planning and preparing for a wedding is indeed a daunting task. Of course, you would want a wedding that is none other than perfect for your most special day. Thus, every decision that you make requires careful consideration because even a tiny forgotten detail may be enough to ruin everything. Most probably, you and your hubby to be want a unique wedding, one that is different from all the others you have witnessed. It has to be something personal to you as a couple but at the same time, it can also be very challenging to achieve your desired result. But by starting early and gathering ideas from different sources, you will be able to set on the right footing and will have a higher chance of having a wedding with flying colours.

1. Select a theme and colour scheme. Flowers, dresses and decorations will be based mostly on the theme. When considering the colour of your dress, as yourself first what time of year and the particular time of day that you are going to have the wedding. Also factor in the locations such as a garden, beach, Church and other possible venues.

2. A wedding dress limit should be set by yourself. As you go on shopping, you will find different dress types such as tubes, high necklines, halters, trains, low necklines and many others. All of them have one thing in common though – a price tag – which means you have to set a limit that you cannot go over when shopping. Even if you are so tempted with a certain design, you have to practice constraint.

3. Clip photos from wedding magazines or print them from wedding sites such as Elliot Claire. Check out several styles and guage which of those are ideal for your body type and skin tone. After that, go to wedding dress shops to see firsthand the dresses that are available. Browse for bridal gowns at department stores, designer shops, vintage clothing stores and wedding boutiques.

A lot of other wedding ideas are in store for you on our next post so watch out for more!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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