Photography Planning for a Picture-Perfect Wedding

by Avid Thinker April 08, 2013

Photos taken outdoors are great more especially during a wedding ceremony. It can capture the most romantic time of day and present lovely shots of the couple. Indeed, wonderful mementos of your biggest day should include shots outside the wedding venue or church. However, you need to consider plenty of factors before heading outside. Below are some pointers on how to get the best of wedding snapshots while outdoors.

1. Have plan A and B so that when the original plan will not work out, you can proceed to another one. For instance, you may be planning to get a photo outside a train but if it rains that day, you can instead opt for a carriage photo which may actually look better. The lesson for this is not to set your plans on stone so that with your flexibility, you can still create wonderful shots together with your photographer.

2. Although a sunny day means having picture perfect moments, a bit of cloud doesn’t really hurt as it may soften the light and will prevent you from squinting. As much as possible, do not schedule your shoots at the middle of the day as direct sunlight can be harsh to the eyes which may lead to unflattering dark circles.

3. Being relaxed during a photo shoot is always recommended and encouraged by photographers. This is to help out bring your best shots as well as that of your fiancé. When hiring a photographer, do not worry too much about things as little problems can always crop up. When this happens, your photographer can easily correct errors during post-processing of your wedding pictures.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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