How to Pick the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

by Avid Thinker December 03, 2013

Brides always look best on their wedding day. The first knack of pulling off that gorgeousness is the bridal gown. Choose the clothing that will accentuate your assets. There is nothing to be conscious about your body type. A short bride in a sheath or columnar dress would even have an elongated look and appear taller.

A missed out dieting or being a plus-sized is not really an emergency. An Empire gown will play the trick for you. This kind of dress usually has a raised waistline starting below the bust. The skirt then flows gradually toward the floor in an A-line. Avoid pleats and make sure it just fits right. Allowing it to be too loose could add extra weight.

The pear-shaped body types are those with slim waists, shoulders and chest but curve hips and thighs. This is also called the triangle. You may opt to pick the Princess dress or A-line Silhouette that slowly flares out from your waist to the floor line. This will catch attention to your narrow midsection and at the same time drifts away from your hips.

Some women have slim legs, hips and waists yet they have broad shoulders. The good news is that there are also gowns that will play up the shape of the inverted triangle body type. Skirts which are beautifully voluminous will help your body frame look balanced. The Cinderella look will surely make you a look stunning and elegant on that red carpeted aisle.

An athletic build and minimal curves are typical of the ruler body type. You can actually put that slender body to your advantage. A Mermaid dress can contour your body. It can make an illusion of a cinched waistline and curvy hips. The sexiest of the styles will make you more confident and feminine. Keep in mind that in styling, there is really no perfect body type, just the perfect bridal gown.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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