Preparing for a Green Wedding in UK

by Avid Thinker April 12, 2013

With the consciousness that everyone gives to the environment these days, it is no wonder that a lot of couples are also thinking of how to do their part when having their wedding ceremony. A wedding is a big event that can have a big impact on the environment so planning the details carefully can lessen or altogether avoid hazards.

How then are you going to minimise your wedding’s footprint? Choose sustainable suppliers so that all your consumption and activities during the wedding ceremony is eco-friendly. You should also go for a green venue and organic products to ensure your cause will be fulfilled. Don’t worry as having a green wedding can still be trendy as long as you pick a fabulous theme that can give your guests a lot of food for thought.

So whether you and your fiancé are looking at just two or three elements during the ceremony or you want to go all out in making it green from start to finish, here are some helpful suggestions below.

Eco-friendly favours – A DIY idea can be great such as re-using glass jars instead of plastic gift bags and sweet wrappers.

Eco-fashion – to make the most sustainable statement of all among UK brides who are opting for a green wedding, you can go all out with a green wedding dress! There are a wide range of designs in this category and they are definitely beautiful too!

Green venue – check out venues that you are planning to have and look into how green they are. Ask them if they source local and renewable materials and if they prefer recycled products or not. You can also inform them of your preference so that they can work with you on completing your green theme to the smallest detail.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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