Guide to Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

by Avid Thinker April 18, 2013

Even if you have the choice to go to a professional for the design of your wedding invitations, there’s the question of whether it will be the exact thing that you want the result to be. If you don’t want to put this to chance, then it’s just practical that you go the DIY route for this important part of the wedding. When you think about it, a wedding invitation is the first look that guests can have on the theme and feel of your wedding.

Where to start with making your own wedding invitations? Confetti provides some insights below.

Before you even start to think about glitter and tinsel, planning is essential. Write down all the information your guests will need – names, dates, RSVP info, map, optional menu options, etc. After all, informing your guests is the main purpose of an invite, so the design, materials and typography should address the following points:

Colours are arguably the most important part of the invitation. It’s a good idea to match the colours of the invite with the colour scheme of your wedding. This will give the guests a ‘heads up’ as to what colour to wear so that they don’t clash or match the bridesmaids!

Consider if you want pictures on the invite. Some couples love an idea of including a fun picture of themselves, while others think it takes away the subtlety of the invite. If you choose a picture, consider using transparency for a great effect. Transparency involves making the image slightly see through, giving softer edges and lighter colours to avoid taking attention away from the detail.

Consider the font you would like to use – bold fonts draw attention, while fancy italic style fonts add elegance to your invite.

Think about which orientation you would like. Most wedding invites are in landscape orientation, however don’t be afraid to be different, and if you have an idea in mind you can always test it!

Make sure you include the relevant information! It’s all well and good your invites looking pretty and professional, but they need to serve their purpose! Guests need to know who, what, where, when at the very least.

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What about you? Did you design your wedding invitations? How was it? Please do share your experiences below.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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