Hilary Duff: Learning the Ropes of Parenting

by Avid Thinker May 31, 2013

One year into motherhood, Hilary Duff is starting to learn the ropes of parenting.

And it’s not all fun and games, especially when you live in Hollywood and have photographers trailing you and your child every time you step outside of the house.

“It's hard having a baby and having paparazzi follow you all around all the time,” she explains in a new interview with “omg! Insider,” airing Thursday.

“I haven't had to explain it to my son yet, what's going on. For the most part they respect me and they respect my space, but it's tough to always be photographed.”

Along with the paparazzi, Duff is also navigating being a mom for the first time, to her son Luca. His dad is Duff’s hockey player hubby, Mike Comrie.

“I'm at a really fun stage right now,” she says. “My son is 13 months, so we just celebrated his first birthday. He's running around everywhere. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't like and really has a personality now.”

Still, Duff admits there's a bit of a learning curve to being a first-time mother, and that it's important for her to take time for herself.

“It's kind of a heaviness at first, when to admit you just need to get away for a second, that's one thing I learned that is OK.”

She has also reached her ideal weight after her pregnancy. Read more about it with OMG Yahoo!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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