Guides to Choosing Your Wedding Cake

by Avid Thinker August 02, 2013

Are you trying to figure out what type of cake would be best for your wedding? To help you sort out the wide range of choices out there, we’re going to share some guidelines on how to pick a cake that suits your taste.

  1. The “Tested and Proven” Baker you know and love – For years of strolling along the town where you reside, you’ve most probably been into bakeshops and cake houses nearby. If you love lots of the cake houses in town, you can simply“compare and contrast” the products of each and create a short list of the ones that are on top.
  2. Fit for your taste – Everything on your wedding is yours and your (soon to be) spouse, therefore everything done within those moments will only be for you and your spouse’s desire. From the Church, reception, attire, entourage, food, and up to the Cake, everything should be catered basing on your heart’s desire. So choosing that wedding cake can be simply based on both of your preferences, on how you both like it along with how it should be designed.
  3. From the looks of it – Presentation is very important in a wedding since there will be numerous people on the guest list. “How everything looks” will lead the guests to like or envy your wedding, therefore, they will look up to it if everything is presented smoothly. As for presentation of the cake, you can always ask for advice from the baker on how it should look, but if the baker’s idea wouldn’t fit your preference you can simply discuss your own ideas with them. This ensures that they know what you expect and you also will be able to let them understand how your want the cake to be.

When everything’s set, it’s time to chill and relax while waiting for that most special day to come. Enjoy and congratulations in advance!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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