Catching Fire Posters Revealed

by Avid Thinker August 05, 2013

We see a water-related challenge in Katniss Everdeen’s future.

In case you weren’t already ravenous for our “Catching Fire” full trailer premiere this Saturday (June 20, at, the hype for “The Hunger Games” sequel just got hotter with the release of ‘Quarter Quell’-themed posters, which feature our heroes Katniss and

Peeta Mellark all decked out in their new tournament uniforms.

Did we say “hotter?” Perhaps “wetter” is the more accurate term, as the new costumes look like a cross between designer wetsuits and the outfits worn by the players in another dystopian sci-fi flick revolving around a violent contest, “Rollerball.”

The training outfits worn by the Hunger Games contestants in the original film (shown below) were little more than glorified spandex workout clothes. During the actual games, the Tributes were outfitted in loose fitting army pants, black t-shirt, and state-of-the-art rain slickers. These new futuristic duds are long-sleeved, have a lot more texture, and look like they’re much more effective in protecting wearers from the elements.

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Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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