Planning a Destination Wedding? Know What to Do

by Avid Thinker July 26, 2013

A lot of people have envisioned their wedding day virtually all their lives. Who could blame them? After all, getting married to the one you truly love is surely the happiest, most wonderful event in your life.

But to make your big day a cut above the rest, consider having a destination wedding. Whether you are dreaming of a fairytale nuptials or a steam punk-inspired wedding, there is the perfect location for you, be it in a neighboring city or in another country.

So what are you supposed to do when planning your matrimony in a faraway place?

1)    Of course, you’ll need to think of the perfect location first. How do you do this? For a start, you can list down the things that you and your spouse-to-be have always envisioned for your big day. Do you see yourself (or your bride) walking down the aisle with the blue ocean as your background? Beach weddings are best held in one of the most popular holiday destinations, like Maldives, Ibiza, Mexico, Phuket, Boracay and the like. However, if you have always imagined a wedding that is taken from a fairytale book, then a castle in Scotland or anywhere in the United Kingdom would be your best choice.

2)    You’ll then have to gather all the information you need for the documents or paperwork required by the city or country you are considering. This can include a visa and passport, birth certifications, notice of marriage and many others. It’s important that you comply with all the necessary files to ensure that you marriage is legally binding.

3)    You’ll also have to choose a celebrant to officiate your matrimony. You may choose to get one from your country, but that can mean you’ll be paying for his/her airfare, accommodation and food, on top of the professional fee. If you’re considering someone local to the place you are eyeing, make sure that he/she has enough experience.

Once you have taken care of all the basics, you’ll then be able to prepare the other important aspects of this very special day. These include your wedding dress, guest list, wedding favours and the like.

With all these tips in mind, surely, you’ll be able to make this milestone a most memorable and romantic one.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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