Blooms for the Seasons

by Avid Thinker June 13, 2013

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, whenever you're getting married, choosing seasonal blooms is the best way to capture the beauty, fragrance and atmosphere of the time of year.

We asked Mandy Alberry from Sonning Flowers ( and Nicola Eve from Flowers By Eve (, which seasonal blooms you can choose from, whenever you decide to get hitched.

Fresh Spring Flowers
Nicola Eve: Spring is a lovely time of year for flowers, particularly after a dreary late-winter. Spring flowers are aplenty and include tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, narcissus, anemones and grape hyacinths.

Spring flowers come in bold, bright colours, as well as soft lilacs, creams and pastels, and are often highly scented. Because the flowers are so standout, simple ideas look sensational; you could carry a beautiful bouquet with tulips, ranunculus and roses, and flower girls with a posy of muscari (grape hyacinths), hand-tied with a white ribbon, have a stunning, vintage effect.

Informal fishbowls full of spring flowers look and smell lovely as centre pieces. Daffodils and tulips are a seasonal, bright and affordable option for decorating the venue. Zinc plant pots full of flowering narcissus or hyacinth bulbs are also a cheap and cheerful idea for a spring table, and they also make an ideal gift for guests at the end of the evening.

Soft Summer Blooms

Mandy Alberry: Soft, gentle and romantic flowers are perfect for summer. Peonies and stocks are in bloom with a strong, sweet scent. You can also choose from sweet peas, roses, delphiniums and hydrangeas. In mid-summer you could try the more unusual love-in-a-mist (Nigella) and look for light colours, particularly pinks, whites, blues and lilacs, or pale purple. Vintage colours are also coming back into vogue for summer weddings, so you could consider peach or dusty pink roses in your arrangements.

As well as flowers, lime green foliage looks beautiful in summer and you could add seasonal herbs to your bouquet or table decorations, such as dill, mint and lavender. Using summer fruit for the table decorations is growing in popularity too.

Creative ideas work brilliantly in summer. At a garden party, glass globes look beautiful hanging from the trees, and you can fill them with seasonal flowers or candles. I decorated a wedding where the four poles in the centre of the marquee were made to look like trees using branches and fresh flowers.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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