Top Guides in Choosing a Wedding Venue

by Avid Thinker June 21, 2013

Perhaps one of the crucial decisions that you have to make for your wedding is choosing the right venue. Among all others, you have to consider on which time of the year you will be holding the affair. Making a contingency plan will keep you safe from emergencies like unfavorable weather.

Never limit your choices to traditional wedding spots. Great memories usually happen in places you would not have typically imagined. Consider thinking beyond what you usually see. A city park or a gorgeous home would actually make a great location for the occasion. Moreover, if you decide to pick a public area, ensure that you will get the needed permits.

It is also wise to be flexible on dates if possible. Some reception halls or resorts offer discounted charges in certain seasons of the year.  Some locations might not also be available on the specific date that you want. It is better if you decide ahead of time so that you can book the place in advance. Peak seasons and holidays are times you might want to avoid.

Be more resourceful in planning for the set up. What is around and easily available may seem ordinary but who knows what would happen if you do a magical touch. Find a place that suits your theme although it may be commonly picked for weddings. A spot that embodies your individual style will have the elements you call for a dramatic event.

Cost efficiency is a major plus in planning. Consolidating a single place for the ceremony and the reception is a great way to save. This could help you cut down on decoration and travel costs as you would not have two separate settings. Determine ahead who will be doing the cleaning and the setting up. As much as possible, delegate the tasks so that you could focus on yourself on that long awaited day.


Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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