Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress For Summer

by Anthea Lemoine August 22, 2013

When it comes to the choice of your wedding dress, your priority should be more on the comfort with style coming on second. To achieve this, you have to take into consideration the kind of fabric that you are going to select. For those who are tying the knot during summer, it is ideal to get lightweight fabrics.

You can opt to have a designer-made gown if your wedding budget can afford it. A lot of designers have summer wedding dresses in their collections. Pick a combination of two or more light fabrics that will result to a dramatic free flowing gown.


Summer weddings are usually done in the beach. So if you are having a beach wedding, avoid a full length skirt as it might be blown around by the summer breeze. A casual yet elegant dress will be perfect. In addition, a long dress followed by a flowing train is not quite appropriate in the sand so avoid it as much as you can.

Tea length dresses are very much workable for outdoor weddings. It would allow you to move around without the risk of tripping down. It is also cooler to wear than full skirts and you would not have to think about your hem getting in the way.

A column style dress is another cool choice as its simplicity amounts to beautiful elegance. Putting on the right fabric will enhance the magic. The princess style is another great option.

Adding colours to your wedding dress is certainly appropriate for summer. Choose pastel colours such as pink, mint green or pale blue. These colors will actually brighten up the affair making the bride the center of attraction. Hawaiian prints for beach weddings, peppy, tropical, and lighthearted patterns are other options to make the event livelier.

Finally, wear a flower wreath around your head to add up to the glamour.

Anthea Lemoine
Anthea Lemoine


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