What are the Terminologies in Photography?

by Avid Thinker December 27, 2013

Wedding photography is so important, creating a lasting record and memento of your very special day — but all too often, when you research wedding photography online or first contact your potential photographer, the terminology used can be baffling!

We spoke exclusively to Silverton Photography, where photographer and author Will talked us through some of the most common photographic terms.

Black and White Photography
Non-colour photography is chosen by brides and grooms to create a classic, timeless effect.

Will says: “Black and white photography is great for enhancing the mood of an image, or bringing particular interest to the use of light and composition. Truly timeless, black and white is a better choice for mixed or poor lighting conditions and it can be less distracting, making the happy couple the absolute focus of the shot.”

Colour Photography
Brings your photos to life and is at its best for vibrant spring and summer weddings with lots of natural light and bright colour schemes.

Will says: “Colour brings an extra element to light and shape. If used correctly it can be a tool for isolating or bringing a particular subject into focus. Colour images can grab your attention, speaking volumes whether the colour on your wedding day is subtle or shouting, vibrant or saturated.”

Aged/Sepia-toned Photography
A choice made popular by image apps like Instagram, this retro effect is added after your photographs have been taken, making them look old and timeless.

Will says: “This technique can be used to give a photo a vintage or styled look – and if used well it can improve the look of out of focus elements in an image.”

Reportage Photography
Natural-looking, non-posed photography that follows the day as it unfolds.

Will says: “This is a style more suited to those who don't like posing endlessly for the camera. Reportage can capture moments as they happen in a style that leaves couples to enjoy their day and still receive amazing images, often more pleasing as the expressions are natural and real.”


Reference: http://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-planning/photography/photography-terminology_562.htm

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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