Professional Advice For Your First Wedding Dance

by Avid Thinker January 15, 2014

The first dance has always been an important part of wedding ceremonies all around the world, and can be a beautiful moment for the couple and their guests. It is ultimately an expression of love, where you could describe the dance as a gesture that speaks louder than words. What better way to entertain your guests and get the party swinging and going? For years people have shuffled in a circle, but now they want to look good and enjoy dancing too!
Specialist companies are now encouraging couples to take the first dance more seriously by choreographing a unique and magical routine for that special occasion. Traditionally a couple may have played this safe by dancing a waltz routine, symbolically the most romantic of all dance styles, but now couples choose more contemporary songs. Love ballads such as Barry White’s my first, my last, my everything or Stevie Wonder’s I love everything about you are common, as is Frank Sinatra’s Fly me to the moon . Perhaps the more adventurous try a slow romantic start with quicker interludes such as songs by Queen Don’t stop me now or even mix their own. Other couples even choose a slow dance and a quick routine within the same evening, eg a waltz followed by a jive!
Traditionally, the bride and groom take to the floor for the first dance, however other cultures arrange the dance differently. This is true for many Asian weddings where instead, the family members of the couple create a fun and exciting dance. These can range from Bollywood style themes including Dandiraas where the family of the bride and groom perform with sticks, rotating in intricate circles. Of course Asian weddings are known to last up to a week.
Whatever the format, the first dance can be a daunting experience. With two left feet it may be difficult to over come these nerves.
So how can couples prepare for a first dance? Here are some top tips:
Find suitable music that you are both happy with. Dance experts suggest 3 minutes maximum. If you are beginners, a moderate speed with easy to hear rhythm would be ideal. However if you are a more accomplished couple choose a faster or slower rhythm to add creativity to your routine. Very slow 4/4s leave the choreographer little chance to do much with the steps.
If you have booked a band find out if they can play your chosen song. However be aware of the limitations of songs the band can play, as instrumentation may restrict them. (Check out for some helpful tips).
Consider what you are wearing. For example will you have restricted movement or think about how you will tackle the train.
Find a reputable company. Its better if you can speak to your choreographer before meeting him/her.
1-2-1 lessons are far better than group lessons for learning, so the price may be higher, but be assured to learn more and have fun.
Find a choreographer local to you and decide if you want lessons at your home, or in their studio. Check out more professional advice from Hitched UK.

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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