What are the Different Styles of Wedding Bouquets?

by Avid Thinker January 31, 2014

A bridal bouquet adds the finishing touch to your wedding look, but do you know the difference between a rustic bouquet and a presentation arrangement? To help you make your floral decision – and to avoid being baffled by your florist - check out our indispensible guide to bouquet styles.


Round, can easily be held in one hand. Can be loose (hand tied and unstructured), or wired. Usually same type of flower.
An ever-popular style, the classic bridal posy is a round, neat bouquet featuring one variety or a mixture of flowers. The posy became popular for brides in the Victorian era, so it is seen as one of the most traditional bouquets. If the posy is made with stem-on flowers it can be hand tied for a more rustic finish; if the stems are removed, floral wire helps to keep the arrangement in place and the blooms become more visible. The biggest advantage of having a posy is that it can be held in one hand – and it’s easy to throw at the end of your big day!


Long, trailing flowers the most formal and most traditional of bouquets.
The teardrop (also called a shower or cascade bouquet) is an opulent arrangement with a long, trailing shape that ends in a point and beautifully follows the line of your dress. It is the most formal bridal bouquet and is best suited to a traditional, full-length wedding gown with a train. Teardrops usually feature a mix of flowers and foliage with suitable blooms including roses, lilies and orchids. Teardrops can be made to different lengths and widths; if you’re a short or petite bride, avoid a very long or wide arrangement that could overwhelm you.


Long stemmed flowers and foliage that lie across the arm – chic arrangement perfect for vintage weddings.
Featuring long-stemmed flowers and foliage, the presentation bouquet is a “flat” hand tied arrangement carried across the arm, creating a dramatic look that is perfect for a glamorous or vintage-inspired wedding. The presentation bouquet (also called an arm sheaf) first became popular in the early 1900s and looks gorgeous with a straight or column style wedding dress. Orchids, delphinium and long-stemmed roses work particularly well with this arrangement and a mix of colours and foliage can create a stunning effect.

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