Simple but Elegant Wedding Cakes

by Avid Thinker March 12, 2014

The cake is the crown jewel of any wedding reception. Here, there is something about understated elegance that we absolutely adore. While we love fun and whimsical wedding cakes, gold cakes and amazing wedding cake designs, there is something about simple and elegant wedding cakes that we feel brings the focus back to the reason everybody has gathered, to celebrate two people joining in marriage. It is symbolic in its simplicity.

Most people think of simple and think a wedding cake is going to lack presence. We are here to tell you that your wedding cake doesn’t need to be over-the-top to make a lasting impression. The simple yet chic wedding cakes we have included in our roundup all exude elegance and romance. The simple elegance and beautiful luster work in vintage weddings just as well as they do for modern weddings.

Browse this collection of elegant wedding cakes that are sure to amaze and inspire:

This gorgeous vintage wedding cake has three tiers and is iced in ivory. Love it.


Elegant wedding cake…….sweet, simple, love it! This elegant cake is very versatile. By simply changing the colors of the ribbons and the flower accent, you could make it work for any wedding color and theme.



Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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