Bridal Fashion on the Move

by Avid Thinker March 19, 2014

If you’re marrying overseas, you have the perfect theme to inspire your dress — the destination! In celebration of weddings abroad, we’ve picked some of the most amazing designs, perfectly suited to four very different destination styles.
Beach Babe

If you’re saying “I do” in an exotic, far-flung, beach destination (we’re thinking Antigua and Barbuda with its soft sand and secluded beaches, Mauritius with its turquoise lagoons, and the French-chic and crystal clear waters of St. Barts) your dress can be as dreamy as your destination.

Soft, feminine and flirty is the order of the day. Forget structure and clean lines and concentrate instead on a gentle and flowing silhouette that shows off your décolletage and skims across the sand.

One crucial thing to consider is whether you’re saying your vows on the sand, or if you’ll have your ceremony overlooking the beach on decking or a hard floor. This will determine whether or not you’ll be a barefoot bride — but either way, make sure your shoes can easily be kicked off so you can pose for photographs on the sand straight after you’ve exchanged vows.

City Chic

From the hip and hectic pace of city life in New York and LA, to the European elegance of Paris and Rome, a city destination demands drama — and high fashion. A city wedding abroad gives you the chance to flex your fashionista muscle, choosing a style that is chic, challenging and daring to be different.

Mermaid shapes look marvellous against a city skyline, suggesting confidence and super-stylishness. Interesting structures, like swirling pleats and punchy peplums, also look fantastic when photographed in city surrounds, whether modern skyscrapers or ancient city relics provide the backdrop.

And if you’re being photographed (or saying your vows) in view of an iconic landmark (like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Barcelona’s Sagrada Família or the Sydney Opera House) make sure your dress can live up to the occasion. A full skirt, infinite layers of tulle and a beautiful blush shade could fit the bill.

Cruise to Perfection

Getting married on a cruise is a wonderful idea if you want your wedding to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It also breaks with tradition, so you can be as unconventional and edgy as you like with your wedding dress choice. A short elegant dress could look wonderful, particularly with retro details like long, sheer sleeves or a pussycat bow.

A dress, of course, is not essential for a cruise wedding, and you could look sensational in a white trouser suit or peplum top with cigarette-style trousers.

If you are having a cruise wedding, do think through the practicalities. Even though your luggage allowance is unlimited, be sensible with the dress. You’ll need to transport it to your cabin when you board, you might not know exactly where you’ll be when you say your vows (so choose a style that is weather-flexible) and think about sensible footwear in case you marry out on deck, where it can sometimes be slippery and feel exposed.

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