“Should your wedding dress be perfect on your wedding day?”

by Claire Yu May 31, 2014

Well, of course wearing a shining, shimmering splendid type of wedding dress filled with astonishing beads and made with fine stitches running across the linen which is made to be perfect is a dream of every woman who soon to be walking down the aisle of love. It is a glamour type of feeling that will come and electrified the measurement of a woman’s true happiness and wishes before tagging herself to a man she loves.
Looking stunning and tantalizing is the greatest pressure that you need to carry on. You and your dress will be one as you take every step for taking the responsibility as the ‘woman of the hour’, so it means that when your dress looks perfectly alluring you might as well. Having that chance of wearing a perfect wedding dress flutters every bride-to-be, considering that it is a once in a lifetime experience and you spent your childhood dreaming about your perfect wedding experience still, the challenge is on and it is about how are you going to make yourself fit for that dress you ever wanted. So, now the goal is not only about making your dress looks perfect but also making yourself get into it.
You must work hard to get that body that sways with the wedding dress you chose amazingly. It is better to get in shape for the dress that you want than for the dress to get in shape just for you. Several adjustments, I’m sure you and your wedding dress don’t want it. Indeed right? Research shows that most of brides said that even their wedding dresses have the perfect cut to fit for them, unwanted curves and loose arms still show up and because of this even though they have the perfect kind of  wedding dress they don’t have the confidence wearing it. Toning up will be the best solution to get rid of this problem. Nothing else can be compared to that kind of feeling wearing your dream wedding dress as it perfectly fits just for you.
Wedding is a ceremony that will let you bid your farewells to your world being dependent to others and saying hello to the world that is full of responsibilities. Wearing a perfect fit wedding dress will not just make you feel beautiful and confident, but making your heart fluttered by that tantalizing moment of your life. Seizing that once in a lifetime happening is best thing you can do during that day. Just walk down the aisle wearing smile as your make-up and confidence as your wedding dress. After all, it is your wedding day just enjoy and let go of the pressure.

Claire Yu
Claire Yu


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