Should your body shape be considered in choosing dresses?

by Claire Yu June 14, 2014

No questions about that! If you want to make every man drooling around you and make every woman wish she is you, it is right to consider perfect cuts that suits your body very well. There’s that kind of magic about choosing dresses that can emphasize what you’ve got.

With every body shape there’s that perfect cut that can help you seize the moment every time you will attend social gatherings. First things first, you must know your body shape to know what cut will suit for you. Our body shapes are generally narrowed down to five categories; hourglass, apple, pear, wedge, rectangle. These body shapes cater different kind of spark in order to unleash that kind of glow that every woman has. So no matter what shape you have, as long as you have that kind of attitude you will look wonderful. Beauty comes from confidence. you know.

Don’t always think about the height and the weight; focus on shape because it can do the magic. You can look even sexier than anybody else or taller than them, just choose the right fit for you. With the right dress that will complement with your body shape and confidence to wear it on, being stunning will be just a part of your daily routine.

Claire Yu
Claire Yu


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