Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

by Regina Evangelista July 26, 2014




Remember when we were 6 or 7 years old with tiaras on our heads, we used to draw our wedding dresses on paper. We colour them pink, blue and yellow. Tape them on our bedroom walls and pray at night that our prince charming will come and sweep us off our feet. Some of us haven't outgrown that fantasy. Many of us still want that fairytale ball gown wedding dress with diamonds and rhinestones everywhere. However in reality, there are still things we need to consider before choosing your wedding dress:


1. Your body Shape

A lot can wrong if you choose a wedding dress that is not for your body shape. It looks sappy, unfit, and not well thought of. Try to measure yourself and look for the common body shapes. Try to asses your measurements to check which type are you. Or ask your local tailor to take your measurements and consult your body shape.


2. Accessories

Accessories can either make or break your wedding dress look. Remember to choose the right accessory that will complement and enhance your dress. Some great accessories are veils, gloves and tiaras.


3. Colour

Colour is important. It is one of the most taken for granted factors when choosing a wedding dress. Sure, we have the whites and ivory classics but if you are to be unique and colourful, make sure that it complements the style, theme, and venue of your wedding.


4. Style & Trends

Check out current wedding dress styles today. Are jumpsuits in? Are ball gown out? Are halters trending right now? Browse for more options and you'll be surprised with some styles that you can come up with.


5. Venue & Date

If at this point you have chosen your wedding venue and date, it's easier to find the right style. Make sure it's light and flowy if your wedding is at the beach or mountains. Or choose an elegant style if your wedding has a fairytale theme.


6. Deadline

If you want a tailored custom made dress, make sure your tailors know your deadline. Make it at least 3 weeks before your wedding day should there be alterations and changes you want done for your dress.


Now that you've these factors into considerations, you are now confident in choosing your dream wedding dress. Ask any of Elliot Claire's Representatives about your dream wedding dress today.


Regina Evangelista
Regina Evangelista


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