Fun Wedding Day Activities For Guests

by Regina Evangelista August 27, 2014

Your wedding day is all about you and the love of your life. But it is also about the people who are important to both of you: families, best friends, officemates. Now that you have all of them together celebrating love and happiness, why not take this time to enjoy,  let loose, while creating more memories.


We’ve listed down some of the most fun wedding day activities that you can have for your wedding guests:


1. Photo Booth. Set up a small area in your venue where guests can take wacky and over-the-top selfies and groupies together. Don’t forget to prepare cool and unique photo props.




2. Fun Games. If you are at a beach, play some friendly sport match between friends. Think of interesting consequences for the losing team. Or play Garden Twister. :)




3. Surprise Entertainment Number. Surprise your guests with unexpected entertainment from either belly dancers, fire dancers, circus performers, and more!



4. Release Fire Lanterns after your wedding. It symbolises letting go of the past and start of a new chapter of your lives.



5. Prepare Art Materials customised for your wedding for the children at your part to get busy with.



Regina Evangelista
Regina Evangelista


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