Traditional Wedding Locations and their Estimated Costs

by Regina Evangelista September 08, 2014

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding. Wedding dress, wedding favours, wedding theme, wedding guest list, invitation, souvenirs and a whole lot more. Let us help you get one thing off your list as we tackle the top traditional wedding locations in the UK.



The church used to be the only place where weddings are being held. The sacred union of two souls are sanctified in this holy place. You may have it in your local country chapel or in large historical cathedrals in England. Of course, the cost of church weddings UK may vary. It usually is around £451 to £500 standard fee for this year 2014.




If you wish to go against the traditional formal weddings, having it on the beach is for you. Beach weddings UK are laid-back and more relaxed when it comes to decorations, ceremony, the preparations in general. Standard beach wedding on a standard beach resort in the UK is around £10,000 for 50 to 70 guests.





Garden Weddings UK can be formal and non-formal depending on how you want to set it up. Most couples prefer simple intimate ceremonies in a garden setting because the natural environment helps provide serenity and peacefulness. Garden also reminds them of home. Some would even have the wedding in their backyards. Garden weddings costs between £500 to £1000.

Regina Evangelista
Regina Evangelista


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