Mismatched Bridesmaids

by Regina Evangelista December 10, 2014


What does this mean? As the bride, you have the last say about your bridesmaids’ dresses. But it is wise to gather them and ask their ideas as to what colors and styles they think would look best on them. Then, do the voting technique and majority rules as to what color palette will win!


Bridesmaids’ dresses can tie together different elements of your wedding. They do not necessarily have to wear dresses in the same color and styles. They can wear dresses with different styles but the same color. Or wear similar dresses in different shades. It now depends on your wedding theme.

Take note that they are all different women. Give them the chance to pick out a dress that they will actually wear again! Remember, they typically pay for their own dress. Also think about the costs for shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup.

Having mismatched bridesmaids, you have allowed them to show off their individual perceptions. Likewise, you have tolerated them to wear a dress that works well with their hair color and complexion. As well as to dress up with the kind of style that compliments with their individual body type.

This is becoming a bigger and bigger trend nowadays. Let your creativeness run wild and let it shine! There is so much inspiration that you can simply incorporate some of ideas seen from magazines and other websites.

Here are some inspirational pictures that we love to share with you. Enjoy & have fun.















Regina Evangelista
Regina Evangelista


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