Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Wedding Dress

by Jenny Evangelista March 15, 2015

After months of dress hunting, you still couldn't find the perfect dress. Even after appointments after appointments, still no luck. Still no dress that captures your heart entirely. If this is you, then maybe it is time that you consider designing your own dress from scratch.

Designing your own wedding dress is very exciting but at the same nerve-wracking.

You can start sketching ideas when you think of one. Start writing all them down. Incorporate colours to visualize it more. Remember that the more complicated your design is, the more expensive it'll be. Keep your expectations in line as well. 

Visualizing your ideas into paper is hard for some brides: difficulty in sketching, organization of ideas, and more!

This is where wedding designers come in handy. Their innate creative skills will definitely help you in designing your dream wedding dress. Start collecting ideas from wedding magazines and catalogues.

We suggest Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool in planning weddings and this will definitely help you in designing your dress. Create boards of every detail or part of your dress. One board for necklines. One board for silhouette. Another board for colours. Another for beading work and other embellishments.

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Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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